CML FX Series

  • FX003

    The CML FX003 is a CCIR, ZVEI and EIA Selcall tones decoder with microprocessor interface and on-chip oscillator
  • FX009

    FX009AJ CML
    The FX009 contains eight digitally controlled amplifiers with 15 gain steps and mute facility; an 8-bit serial data stream control  each amplifier 
  • FX019

    FX019P CML
    The FX019 contains four digitally controlled amplifiers with 15 gain steps and mute; control of each individual amplifier is by an 8-bit serial data
  • FX029

    FX029 CML
    The FX009 contains two digitally controlled amplifiers with ±48dB gain/attenuation in 2dB steps and mute input
  • FX101L

    FX101 CML
    The CML FX101L is a high-performance frequency sensitive switch. The set point may be varied over a wide range of frequencies
  • FX105

    FX105 CML
    The FX105 CML is a tone operated switch, designed for tone decoding in multitone signalling systems
  • FX203

    FX203LG CML
    The FX203 is a selective call encoder-decoder (CCIR, ZVEI and EEA) intended for use with microprocessor
  • FX209

    FX209 CML
    The FX209 is an adaptive delta modulation encoder or decoder which can replace conventional ADC and corresponding DAC in many applications
  • FX224

    FX224LG CML
    The FX224 is a voice scrambler with 32 different split-points externally programmable using 5-bit code
  • FX303

    FX303 CML
    The FX303 is a Data Store Multiplexer - Display Driver
  • FX304

    FX304J CML
    The FX304 contains an audio duplex filter and an inversion scrambler and is designed to meet Net-C Cellular specification
  • FX306

    FX306LG CML
    The FX306 contains a switched capacitor filter array with low group delay distortion and an amplifier with pre-emphasis and de-emphasis
  • FX309

    FX309 CML
    The FX309 is a variable slope delta modulation ideal for audio scrambler and wave form analysis
  • FX315

    FX315 CML
    The FX315 is a CTCSS Encoder for sub-audio tone squelch systems with 40 output frequencies derived from an external quartz crystal
  • FX316

    FX316LG CML
    The FX316 contains a 3.4 kHz and 4 kHz low pass filter plus an uncommitted amplifier and on-chip oscillator
  • FX323

    FX323 CML
    The FX323 is used for store address or character and output them to seven segment display; further four symbols can be displayed
  • FX335

    FX335J CML
    The CML FX335 is an encoder and decoder for standard sub-tone; it includes a high pass filter and an audio switch
  • FX346

    FX346J CML
    The CML FX346 is a full duplex audio processor; it contains low pass and high pass filter, gain adjustment and limiter plus wideband data filter
  • FX366

    FX366J CML
    The CML FX366 contains four independent filter/gain blocks for AMPS/TACS: two bandpass and two highpass filters plus an amplifier for level adjustment
  • FX375

    FX375J CML
    The CML FX375 is a tone operated squelch and voice band inverter designed for communications privacy; it is able to encode and decode all standard tones
  • FX403

    FX403 CML
    The CML FX403 is a QTC address decoder for use in mobile and fixed station. It decodes a series of address or group codes
  • FX439

    FX439 CML
    The FX309 is a variable slope delta modulation ideal for audio scrambler and wave form analysis
  • FX489

    FX489 CML
    The FX489 is a GMSK Modem operating up to 19200 bits/s and with on-chip crystal oscillator and selectable Xtal/Clock frequencies
  • FX503

    FX503E CML
    The CML FX503 is a tone generator which may be used as a Selcall encoder. The device has an AUTO REPEAT function and a TX delay facility
  • FX506

    FX506P CML
    The CML FX506 is an audio processor for radio system with squelch, filtering, levelling and digital gain
  • FX529

    FX529J CML
    The CML FX529 is an FFSK modem designed for data transmission at 1200 baud; error check word is generated automatically
  • FX589

    FX589 CML
    The FX589 is a full-duplex GMSK Modem operating up to 64kb/s with on-chip crystal oscillator and selectable Xtal/Clock frequencies
  • FX609

    FX609J CML
    The CML FX609 is a full duplex CODEC for digital voice communications; programmable clock or on chip oscillator
  • FX802

    FX802J CML
    The FX802 is a variable slope modulation intended to digitise voice and store it in RAM. Speech may be read and converted back into analogue form
  • FX803

    FX803LS CML
    The CML FX803 contains two tone generators, one tone decoder and one summing amplifier with programmable gain
  • FX805

    FX805LG CML
    The CML FX805 is a sub audio processor which contains a sub audio signal demodulator and a CTCSS/NRZ Encoder
  • FX806

    FX806LG CML
    The CML FX806 is an audio processor which contains a preamplifier, VOGAD, pre-emphasis, de-emphasis and gain adjustment
  • FX816

    FX816 CML
    The CML FX816 is an audio processor with gain, filtering and limiting specially designed for Nordic Mobile Telephone Cellular system
  • FX829

    FX829 CML
    The CML FX829 is a baseband audio processor designed for trunked radio which has the level of two point modulation software programmable