SB-230/GY Switchboard

Digital Switchboards for ISDN, and analogue Telephones.
Digital Switchboards for analogue Telephones.
IP Network Nodes (Fast Ethernet) with Gateway, VoIP, PoE

WS 900

WS 900

WS 900 handheld transceiver
70 to 80 MHz, 156 to 174 MHz, 440 to 470 MHz
2 W High - 200 mW Low RF power
12 preset channels
Selective call and subtones



Ruggedized waterproof radio
100 mW to 3 W RF power
200 channels in memory
Digital Voice and Encryption
Scan, subtone and selective calls as standard

PHS 50

Power pulse generator

Programmable power pulse generator
50 Joule of power in ten microseconds at 100 Hz rate
Useful for thermal print micro-transfer

Quartz Test Fixture

Cathodeon PI Network

Cathodeon quartz test fixture with the third key for the insertion of standard load capacitance

Voltage Calibrator

JZ1000 10V Voltage Standard


Precision 10V Voltage Standard