Switching Technology

Intercom-Systems / Switchboards for Mobile Use

The switchboard product line is another pillar of the in-house developments of ISOLab (and its partners) and is well proven in many countries for over twenty-five years.

VoIP Communication Nodes CN-330

CN-330 VoIP Node

The CN-330 provides the basic functionality of all our IP solutions.

Main Advantages:      

  • Concatenated or ring structures via Fiberoptic (2 x 100Base-FX)
  • Distributed redundant controls and functionality – a central unit is NOT necessary
  • 5 Ethernet ports 10/100 Base-Tx – PoE terminal devices (PDs) are powered in according to IEEE 802.3af
  • Seamless integration in existing VoIP networks: SIP and H.323 are simultaneously possible
  • Easily expandable and scalable in connection with all ELNO switchboards, whereby the functionalities of all different ELNO switchboards can be used (CB, LB, 4wire, CNR, Eurocom)
  • Nodes can be extended regarding functionality (e.g. WLAN) and/or capacity (e.g. more ab-ports) with corresponding adapters (J-335/WLAN, J-330/AB)
  • Designed according to Mil-spec
  • No moving parts (no drives, cooling fans, etc.) – thereby highly reliable

Digital Switchboard SB-230/GY

SB-230/GY Switchboard

For 10 to 30 digital and analogue subscriber ports and connection to either ISDN/EUROCOM or analogue public telephone networks (POTS/PSTN).
Stackable up to 3 switchboards to a switchboard block.

Additional Advantages:  

  • Networking of up to 9 switchboard blocks.
  • Freely configurable subscriber port modules.
  • Automatic switching (with optional operator feature)
  • Simple operation and programming over graphic display
  • Field-usable weather resistant design for rough conditions
  • Sturdy terminal clamp-board for standard field wire and many other cable types
  • Small physical dimensions and low in weight
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Easy maintenance and repair

Digital Switchboard SB-130/GY

SB-130/GY Switchboard

For 12 to 24 analog subscribers and connection to an analog public telephone network (POTS/PSTN).

Digital Switchboard SB-130/48GY

SB-130/48GY Switchboard

For 48 analog subscribers and connection to an analog public telephone network (POTS/PSTN).