AMPS/TACS Quad Filter Array

  • Separate Bandpass and Lowpass Gain/Filter Blocks
  • Global AMPS/TACS Cellular Applications
  • Bandpass Filters 4.5dB Gain (300Hz to 3000Hz)
  • Lowpass Filters (3000Hz)
  • Input Gain Adjustments
  • Output Enable/Mute for Squelch Functions
  • Small Outline Surface Mount and DIL Packages
  • Low-Power 5V CMOS

The FX366 AMPS/TACS Quad Filter Array comprises four separate individual filter/gain blocks in a single microcircuit, containing:
Two Bandpass Filters BPF1 and BPF2 - 14th order 300Hz to 3000Hz -
Two Lowpass Filters LPF1 and LPF2 - 10th order 3100Hz -
Each filter block has an amplifier at its input for use with external components to provide functions such as level adjustment, pre or de-emphasis and limiting.
BPF2 has the added facility of Output Enable which could be used as ‘audio mute’ in a squelch or in band mixing environment.  The provision of two bandpass and two lowpass filter sections allows two audio channels, each of LPF and BPF pairing for use in a full-duplex TX/RX cellular system. All on-chip filters meet the AMPS and TACS cellular system speech band specifications; including NAMPS, NTACS and JTACS. Switched capacitor filter technology is employed on this chip with all switching clocks derived from an externally applied single Xtal/clock source. These simple, comprehensive amplifier/filter combinations eliminate the need for several separate integrated circuits, therefore, saving power and space.