Audio Processing Array

  • AMPS, TACS, NMT Audio + Data Processing
  • Speech, SAT and Data - Full Duplex Filtering
  • Speech Bandpass and Deviation Limiter Filters
  • SAT 4/6 kHz Bandpass Filters
  • 8/10kbit_Rx Wideband Data Filter and Limiter
  • Filters for Speech/FFSK, Pre/De-emphasis
  • Input Gain Adjustment

The FX346 Audio Processing Array is a full-duplex Speech, SAT and Data Processor designed to meet the composite specifications of AMPS, TACS and NMT 450/900.
Product in detail:
The RX Audio Path consisting:
A 12th order lowpass filter, a 4th order highpass filter, input gain adjustment and de-emphasis.
The TX Audio Path consisting:
Separate 6th-and 12th order lowpass filters, a 4th order highpass filter, a linear deviation limiter and Input gain adjustment and pre-emphasis.
The RX SAT and Data Path consisting:
A 13 kHz wideband data filter and limiter, switchable 6th order 4/6 kHz SAT bandpass filter and 1200 baud FFSK signal data limiter. All filter stages, excluding the RX data paths, may be de-powered for the minimum current drain.
Operation in AMPS/TACS or NMT mode is controlled via a single logic input.
The FX346, in combination with the FX009 Digitally Controlled Amplifier Array and analogue switches, offers a complete speech and processing solution for cellular radio. All filter sampling clocks are generated on-chip using an external 4.0MHz Xtal or clock pulse input. The FX346 is a low-power, single 5-volt device available in 24-pin cerdip DIL or SMD plastic packages.