IBM 5155

  • IBM 5155 Front view
  • IBM 5155 Internal view
  • IBM 5155 DOS Screen
  • IBM 5155 Command prompt
  • IBM 5155 rear view

One of the first portable PC from IBM (Courtesy of A. Franz)

The IBM 5155 was one of the first portable personal computers in the world with up to 640kB of memory.
This version was basically a PC/XT motherboard, planted into a luggable case.
This sample has a monochrome amber monitor, 512 kB of RAM on the motherboard, a memory expansion card, an 8087 arithmetic coprocessor and two 360KB 5.25-inch disk drives.
The original OS was the PC-DOS 2.1
Introduced in Feb. 1984 and discontinued in Apr. 1986